Pam At Helm 2 6.13

I just returned from the two day Safety at Sea Seminars presented by US Sailing and featured right on the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland!

And Wow! What a great event.  I was totally humbled by all the great speakers who gave engaging and informative lectures on all aspects of safety at sea.  This event is a must for anyone cruising, or day sailing, or using their power boats on any body of water.  I was so impressed by the organization, the venue, the speakers, and the extremely well run and professional group of people who made this all possible for the yachting community.

An extra special acknowledgement must go the the Naval Academy crews who sailed on the windy and very cold bay to give everyone real Man Overboard demonstrations, recovery of a crew overboard, handling of flares, heaving too, and other points of sail that affect the safety of all crews.  The Naval Academy sailing fleet crews gave everyone a first hand look up close of the importance of these safety maneuvers.

My thanks to the attendees, the organizers, the sponsors, and the great speakers!

Watch for more of these important US Sailing Safety At Sea Seminars that are presented across the country.  You will learn more from them than any other program. You will come away with the guidelines of the why and wherefore of safe sailing which makes your life happier, more efficient, and, of course most importantly, a lot safer for everyone.


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