What a wonderful company!

Pam Hat With Light 2

It is not often today that I can write about a really extraordinary manufacturing company!  I mean, this is a company that fully and utterly stands behind their products, and a person willing to go way beyond the norm for satisfying a customer.

I am a very lucky person to have beeen able to find such a manufacturer.

A few years ago I was at the Miami Boat Show and saw a product that I thought was such a good idea.  The product was unique and simple and a really good new concept.  It was a running light with LED lights that attached to the top of a baseball cap with a magnet.  I could go around at night in my tender with a bright running light atop my head where it would be seen most easily.  The round running light is water proof, could float, and could be used for a few other really great purposes on my boat like bright flashlight, signal light, pocket sized and waterproof beach light for walking home at night, and even a light for down below on my boat.

After writing another Pam Says, you can scroll back to my blog to “PAM SAYS: A Great Idea for a Tender Running Light,” and you will see why I was so excited about this new light!

After a couple of years, I had trouble with my light, and another friend who was about to cross the Atlantic also had bought these lights and had a problem with them, and they were on a deadline to depart for their transatlantic voyage.

I thought I would try to reach the manufacturers and ask for their assistance with these defective lights.  Well, little did I know what a great company Navisafe turned out to be.  Not only did Jo answer my emails by return email, but he asked me to send the defective lights back to Norway for replacement.   Jo at Navisafe replaced the defective lights with obviously much better lights that were the same lights but much better quality, and he also sent them back to me almost by return mail and enclosed a little extra gift for my trouble.

I cannot tell you what a happy surprise, what a delight to work with, and what a much better product has been sent to me than the original lights I purchased.  Obviously the company is trying to make the BEST product they can, are proud of their products, and stand behind them 200 percent.

Thank you, Jo, and all who work at Navisafe who exceed all expectations of a making a great product, a new unique product, and standing behind it in every way.  I am totally blown away by this great company and want to share this with you!