Women On the Water Week at Bitter End Yacht Club – WOW!

Put this on your calendars, March 5 through March 12, 2011!

Another Fabulous Bitter End Yacht Club Women On the Water Week

Ladies, ladies, ladies, and gentlemen!  Let me tell you about a fabulous week of sailing in the perfection of Gorda Sound in the British Virgin Islands.

Once again the Bitter End Yacht Club will be hosting Women On the Water Week.  This yearly event invites women from all over the country, and the world, to come and spend a week in paradise and at the same time have sailing instruction for women by women.

If you have not been to, or heard of, The Bitter End Yacht Club, let me introduce you.  First find an island lush and green in the British Virgin Islands.  Put that island at the head of a completely enclosed bay, big enough for racing round the buoys or cruising, and yet small enough to be safe and protected from ocean swell.  Then have a small family oriented resort with lovely waterfront bungalows or luxury hillside apartments with breath taking views, a restaurant that rivals cuisine anywhere, and set this in an island outdoors atmosphere.  Add to all this scenic and comfortable beauty a fleet of sailing and power vessels that can be used by any resort guest ready for adventure.  And that is the Bitter End Yacht Club in a nutshell.  It is difficult to accurately describe the lovely setting, the friendly staff that are more like family, and the community of water sports minded guests that you meet every day.  You honestly have to be there to experience the Bitter End Feeling of belonging.  In fact, most guests at the Bitter End Yacht Club have been coming for years and they all feel that they are coming home when they arrive on the welcoming ferry dock.

Just log onto BEYC.Com and take a photographic tour of this lovely corner of paradise. The web site shows how Bitter End Yacht Club is so wonderfully set for the vacationer who wants luxury, peace, beauty, sailing, and exquisite meals.  Not only is there full time   water sports, but there are diving cruises, trips to the far off island of Anegada, tourist type charters to  fantastic local formations like the Baths, and of course shopping sprees in a foreign port, and a full service Spa.  All this starts and ends at the Bitter End Yacht Club where everyday the activities are diverse and all water oriented.

Women ON the Water Week, WOW, is for women who want to be on the water learning the fine art of sailing skills.  The enthusiastic ladies arrive with great expectations of learning how to sail with more knowledge and confidence, and some come who have never sailed before at all.  The instructors are all women who have so much fun passing on their knowledge and giving real sailing empowerment to the women who participate.  Men are certainly invited, and expected to come along, but the instruction is for the women only, by women.

There are several different women instructors for the different levels of learning and perfecting skills involved in sailing.  There is the beginner, or timid, or just plain no knowledge sailing woman.  I will be the instructor for this group.  We will begin with essentials and end up fully confident sailors by the end of the week!

Then there are the instructors for knowledgeable sailing women who just want to improve what they already feel very comfortable with.  Also there is the experienced racing woman who wants to hone her round the marks ability to win races.  The full spectrum of sailing opportunities is there for the women who attend this sailing event.  They can also move from group to group as they improve or want different types of experiences on different types of sailboats.  The fleet is enormous and there are so many different kinds of boats, this makes it even more fun!!  One day you can zip around on a Hobie Cat, the next day race around the buoys, or just sail over to another close by island for a swim in the lovely warm clear water!  All this is available and you can choose to make the week different everyday!

The fabulous event flies by.  The women meet for an outdoor breakfast every morning.  After gorging on fresh fruit, and the huge breakfast buffet, we stagger to the water in beautiful Gorda Sound for a morning of instructional sailing.  Then all too quickly this is followed by a delicious outdoor lunch.  The difficult decisions then arise.  Should you continue with sailing instructions during the afternoon or pamper yourself at the Spa, or go diving, and snorkeling, or sight seeing???.   Later in the evening the ladies can barely make it to the outdoor dining room for dinner after all the fresh air!!  But, the sparks fly and fatigue disappears when the steel band starts playing island dance music.

If you want the time of your life, if you wonder where paradise lies, if you want to improve your sailing abilities, if you want to meet other women with the same passion for sailing, then mark your calendars for this year’s Bitter End Yacht Club’s  Women on the Water Week.  I wouldn’t miss it for anything.  See you there.

Oh, yes, don’t forget to bring your partner with you!  They will enjoy the week just as much enjoying all the fun  and amenities at Bitter End Yacht Club!!!  There are so many activities, lovely beaches, long hikes, scuba diving tours, Spa treatments or just plain relaxing in a lovely island setting under the palm trees.

The fun begins March 5th through March 12, 2011.  Log onto  to read about this event, and book your reservation, call this number: 800-872-2392 or 312-506-6205.  Be sure to mention  you are coming for “Women on the Water Week” to get the special discounted prices.  Or, call me at West Marine (954) 527-0874