November 1 through 8, 2014 – Women on the Water Week at Bitter End Yacht Club

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Hello, all the wonderful Ladies who have committed to attending Women on the Water Week at Bitter End Yacht Club, November 1 through 8, 2014.  And hello to any women who would LIKE to attend who have not contacted me yet!

We have seven (7) rooms committed for this wonderful week of women teaching women how to sail, and a great holiday at the Bitter End Yacht Club.  We need a total of TEN  (10) rooms to make this event happen. So sharpen your pencils and look at your date books and please let me know if you can be with us for this fabulous week.

Below is a brief description of the cost of the week, how the week will work out for the sailing  instructions, and if you want any more information please contact me at
The Week of Women on the Water Week is November 1 through November 8, 2014

If you go to the web-site you will see the accommodations and how wonderful Bitter End Yacht Club is for a holiday as well.

A room for one person, all inclusive of three meals a day, use of the fleet of sailboats, daily events at the BEYC, and the event instruction every day, is $362.50 PER NIGHT
For double occupancy, and many husbands are coming too, the room rate is $532.50 PER NIGHT.

This price does NOT INCLUDE Taxes (about 18%, tips, phone calls, any liquor consumption, ferry to and from the airport at Tortola, spa treatments)  This is extra.

Here is what a day is like during the week.

WOW Women on the Water Week at Bitter End Yacht Club:
There really is no curriculum set in stone.  Here is what I have done in the past years, and it seems to work very well.
The first day we are all there, after arrival the day before as everyone seems to trickle in depending on flights etc.
We meet in the classroom after a lovely outdoors breakfast, and then we go over what the week is going to have.
I find out from each lady where they are with their sailing ability and knowledge.
I find out from each lady what they want to get from the week of WOW.
Then we are divided into groups of similar abilities and desires for the week.
We offer either in the classroom for a day, the next day, or all on the water sailing.  Whichever the ladies prefer, based on the group they are put into.
Then, after that, we have class, either in the classroom, or on the water, or both from 10am to Noon each day, have lunch together, then again have class either in the classroom or on the water or both, from 2PM to 4PM each day.
Any attendee can be in class for as much as they like, or not as much if they want to do other activities at the lovely Bitter End Yacht Club.  This is strictly up to the individuals, and they can plan their own time to be their own time, whether in sailing class or otherwise.
We all tend to eat together, breakfast lunch and dinner, but you don’t have to!!! Whatever you want to do.
The last day, if an attendee is with a husband or partner, then on the last day that student takes out their husband or partner as CREW, and they are alone in the boat as CAPTAIN, with me in a chase boat if they need me for anything…….  It is really fun as the women become confident and happy sailors, and the men cannot believe the change in their wives!!!!  Sometimes they know even than their husbands.
I teach knots, and the funny thing is that the men are peeking around the corner watching and asking if they can learn too, and of course they can!!  This is a FUN week of education and relaxation for everyone!!!

If you need anything more do let me know.

We do need a minimum of 10 rooms confirmed with me, before we can hold the event.  So far I have 7 of the ten rooms booked so we need three more to confirm with me BEFORE July 15th our deadline with Bitter End Yacht Club.

Please let me know you received this, and if you are interested. Thanks so much,

Pam Wall










I hope you all can attend, it will be a blast!